Edward K. Cheng
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Professor of Law

Vanderbilt Law School

Vanderbilt Law School
131 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203

Background Information

My research concentrates on scientific and expert evidence, and the interaction between law and statistics. I currently teach evidence, torts, and an introductory statistics class for lawyers.

Recent Publications

(5 vols.) (with David Faigman, Jeremy Blumenthal, Jennifer Mnookin, Erin Murphy, and Joseph Sanders) [Link]

Accuracy, Optimality and the Preponderance Standard,, Law, Probability & Risk (forthcoming 2015) (with Michael Pardo) [Link]

Reconceptualizing the Burden of Proof,, 122 Yale Law Journal 1254 (2013) [Link]

A Normalized Scoring Model for Law School Competitions,, 17 Green Bag 2d 377 (2013) (with Scott Farmer) [Link]

Is High-Altitude Mountaineering Russian Roulette?, 9 Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports 1 (2013) [PDF]

Erie and the Rules of Evidence,, 65 Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc 231 (2012) [PDF]

When 10 Trials Are Better Than 1000: An Evidentiary Perspective on Trial Sampling, 160 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 955 (2012) [Link]

A Practical Solution to the Reference Class Problem, 109 Columbia Law Review 2081 (2009) [Link]

Response: Are Proffers of Inadmissible Evidence Wrongful? 7 International Commentary on Evidence, issue 1, art. 7 (2009) (response) [Link]

Will Quants Rule the (Legal) World?, 107 Michigan Law Review 967 (2009) (book review) [PDF]

The Myth of the Generalist Judge, 61 Stanford Law Review 519 (2008) [Link]